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Warrior Queen

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Warrior- A person who fights in battles and is known for having courage and skill.

Queen- The female ruler of an independent state, specially one who inherits the position by right of birth ;The most powerful chess piece that each player has, able to move any number of unobstructed squares in any direction along a rank, file, or diagonal on which it stands.

This post is dedicated to all the Warrior Queens. Yes Warrior Queens! Doesn’t that title sound so empowering? Often times as women we forget to wear our crowns. We inherit this title from birth, but the struggles of life sometimes blinds us from our royalties. It is important to value yourself no matter what society says or anyone else for that matter. We are creators of life, and have inner strength that is remarkably unshaken.

To all the Women out there that get down on themselves sometimes I just want to say, pick your head up and put your smile back on, straighten your crown and walk forward. Don’t let this world shake the greatness you have inside of you. Your inner treasures and mysteries shine brighter than you know, but only you can unlock them and put them to full use. It doesn’t matter what mistakes you’ve made in the past, you don’t live there anymore. Dust yourself off and keep moving in the direction of the positive light. From now on only think of yourself as a Warrior Queen and nothing less. I hope you will enjoy them and be inspired!

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