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Indicators of Health

Did you know that our fingers represent different parts of our body?

Your thumb represents your brain, your index finger represents your gallbladder and liver. Your middle finger represents your heart, the ring finger represents hormones, and the pinky finger represents digestion. Pay attention to the natural presentation of your nails on each finger, it could reveal certain things about your health.

Our feet are also indicators of our health

The toes and feet indicate your head and neck. Massaging your toes in foot reflexology means working your head and neck. The insides of your feet correlate to your spine. The area just underneath your toes corresponds to the chest. The thinnest part of your foot, usually found towards its center, is known as the waistline. Parts of your foot correlated with the stomach are found above the waistline. Parts correlated with the intestines are found below. The bottom of your foot is connected with your pelvic area.

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